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Kalis Slopes and Lifts with different fairy story
Kali's Experience Slopes
Learn skiing with fun
Kali the Ramsaurier, our cuddly mascot accompanies us from the first turns in the snow to safe ski steering. We immerse playful in our eight spacious experience slopes to the world of skiingAll our experience slopes are easily accessible by car!
Giant stone heads, eagle cave and rock crystal cave, dragon faces and mystic sounds – A winterstory in the sunny area of Ramsau am Dachstein - for young and old. Each lift we dedicate a fairytale theme and we designed the lifts with lot of love and creativity.
Unlimited skiing in Ramsau am Dachstein
Discover the animals at the eagle cave
The colorful world of fairy tales at the Maerchenabfahrt
Topics and Lifts Ramsau
Kalilift in our Kaliland
Griasti in our Kaliland!
Come on and arrive: Visit with your Ski instructor the Dwarf village and have a look the the funny mushroom houses in our Kaliland. Here lives Kali the Ramsaurier. Our warm oven spread comfort and heat. Look! There is a huge viewpoint! You can climb it but be careful! Together with your ski instructor you have a fantastic view like an eagle. We use the yellow slide to come down - That's so much fun!

Learning the first ski exercises, braking and cornering succeed you in our Kaliland.
Something magical at the Zauberlift
Hallo Sorcerer's Apprentice!
The Magic Lift shows you five oversized stone heads which are richly colored. They tell you magical stories and together we escape in another world. A whole host of surprises and adventures are waiting for you and your instructor, e.g. a cool wave train or slalom course where our time will get stopped.  In our magic pot we simmer the magic potion which gives us power and magic - Let's go and try it!

Do you want to know how the Giants came to the slopes?
Giants were big, powerful creatures of many stories. Once the five-meter-high giant stone heads rolled down the Dachstein mountain to the valley and settled on the Magic Lift: At the top of the forest, very close to the icy snow, is Eisklotte, Tannendreher is at the lower edge of the forest, at the end of the Zauberlift are the brothers Ernstwich and Blasebüü and on the bottom is the giant Doppelschlau.
Bergkristall Lift
The fairytale world on the Bergkristalllift
Welcome in the world of our Berg Crystal Queen!
The fairytale world of snow on the Bergkristalllift is surrounded by figures of angels and fairies. In the Crystal Cave we will unfasten our skis and we will go into the cave. There lives the Rock Crystal Queen and she will tell us an exciting story of the sparkling and glittering treasure.

Here we have the opportunity to live our dreams ...
Hello Dragon Fan
Hello Dragon Fan!
On the slopes of the Drachenlift we will encounter great colorful dragon masks. They invite us to go through their mouth and we will arrive in the colorful world of dragons flags. Do not fear the blue and red faces, they are so happy to see us!

The blue head is the guardian on the Dachstein, he preserves the glacier before the disappearance by melting. Also he is the guardian and master of snow and ice in winter. He likes all crystal forms which carries every snowflake.

The red head is the guardian of the forest and every winter he will come back to the slopes to tell you the secrets of the forest. If you like, so call him he will answer you whatever you ask.

For a change we will discover the animals in the petting zoo of Tritscherhof.
The famous fairytale ski downhill on the Rittisberg
Hello ski bunny!
Finally we are on Rittisberg! At the Rittisberg chair lift there is the longest ski downhill in Austria. Lovingly designed fairy-tale characters as wizards, dwarves, witches etc. are waiting to be discovered.

The red slopes and the black slope on Rittisberg animated many experts. Imagine: TOP skiers have their trainings on Rittisberg too! Maybe you can meet one?
Skiregion Ramsau am Dachstein
Skiing with your whole family in Ramsau am Dachstein
fairytale journey on the Rittisberg
At the Kalilift
Some waves on the Zauberlift
Let's go up with the Lift
Zauberlift Top station
Having fun at the lift
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