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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
Mini-guide of our everyday life
This collection of questions and answers has emerged from the experience of our staff in the office. It does not claim to be exhaustive.
The answers should not be considered as "general answers" - it depends on the situation! Other answers could be correct as well.
We are pleased to help you!
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Advantages of the Online Shop
Book your course or private lesson comfortable at home! Our Online Shop is illustrated easily and you can book the lessons around the clock every Day! Your Place in the group or your private instructor is fixed for you! Furthermore you avoid peak time queuing in the ski school office. You will get your digital ticket directly on your emailaccount. Don't forget to buy the lift ticket and afterwars you are ready to start your ski experience
Is the ski pass or rather the cross country ski run tax included in the ski course price?

The Skipass isn't included in the prices! You have the possibility to buy the ski pass in our ski school office. The Price list for the Ski pass you will find at

The Cross Country Ski Run Fee isn't included in the prices (except in the trial lesson). You can buy the Cross Country ski run charge in our ski school office or in our norid Test Center at the Cross Country Stadium.

Kids till the age of 15 are free of charge!
Do we need a ski pass or rather a cross country ski run fee if we are beginners?
Yes. Everyone need a Ski pass to use our ski lifts. 
For bambini's: We don't need a ski pass for Bambini's on the first Day (morning). Afterwards your ski instructor will talk to you because of the ski pass.

You need to pay a fee when you use the cross country runs. Kids till the age of 15 are free of charge.

The Trail fee is included at the cross country ski trial lesson.

Do you offer half days lesson?
We offer half day courses for the bambini lessons (Course for 3 – 5 years old kids), courses for adults beginners and advanced (Alpin), Cross Country Ski lessons and private lessons.
All other group lessons take place 4 hours per Day (2 hours mornings, Lunch break and 2 hours in the afternoon).
Can you place our children in the same group?
Parents divide their children independently according to their ability.
You can watch the necessary video on our homepage or in the ski school office. 
Group assignment is generally based on skill and age. If your children have approximately the same skills level, please inform us when you book online or in the office and we will do our best to place them in the same group! Should one child ski better, this child must care for the other(s) during the lessons this means this child have to join the group which is weaker.
Do we have to book the whole 5 days skiing course or can we also book just a few days?
Our program for groups is based on a week (5 Days) with great program and a ski race at the end of the ski course week. Therefore it makes sense to stay the 5 days in the course. It is also possible to book the skiing course just a few days!
Are the prices different when we book first of all 3 days and afterwards further 2 days?
Yes. There is the possibility of individual extension days after the 3 days course. It is slightly more expensive in contrast if you book the 5 days course at the begining.
Can we manage the time if parents and children go to the ski course?
Yes, the schedule is timed that adults start in the afternoon. Children course  start at 9:45 am. Parents can drop off their children before going to their own classes. Children are always looked after till their parents will pick them up!
How does it work with the classification?

You can watch our classification videos on our homepage and determine you childrens Ability yourself.
When booking you give us the color and the level. So your child save themselves the ancestors on the first day and can be assigned to the right teacher straight away.
a classification is not correct 100%, it is possible to change the group at any time.
Are the course rates refunded if the children do not like it?

Generally, refunds are only possible by illness or injury (with doctor's note). But, we do have a variety of offers (introduction course, extending courses, etc.), which reduce the "risks" for you.

Should something go wrong after all, you can always reschedule or change course within the offers of Ski School Ramsau or you can get a voucher for the next course or winter season.
Is a ski rental at the Ski School Ramsau or are you working together with a sport shop?
We are working with two Sport shops together. They are located in Ramsau am Dachstein: Sport Ski Willy and Sport Steiner.
If I do not like a course, can I switch to another (eg. snowboarding to skiing)?
Of course this is possible. Just come in our office and we will talk about the Details.
Can I joing a course during the week as well?
Basically the group classifications take place on Monday. But it is possible to join a course for advanced people during the week in an existing group.

Cross-country Ski lessons are starting on Wednesday again (classic and skating).
Is it possible to reserve a group course with a specific instructor?

Mostly this is not a problem but you should inform us as early as possible in our Online Shop, per phone, fax or E-Mail. By group courses we cannot guarantee that your  instructor is available!!

How soon do we need to book a private instructor?
As soon as possible! But at the latest 2-3 days in advance. Should you for some reason not have booked your private instructor early enoguh, you are always welcome to ask if someone is available. The best way is to book your private lessons through our Online Shop. You can make your reservations over phone, fax, by E-mail or in person at the ski school office. Please write down your instructor in the comment box!
Is it possible to book the midday supervision on single days?
Yes. Please book your midday supervision one day in advance in our ski school office. At the latest you can book the lunch in ther morning on the same day. Your instructor need the ticket at the end of the course!
From what age can children participate in ski courses?
From 3 years old ones.
For 3 years old we offer a half-day course (Bambini), while the older children from 6 years have the ski course the whole day (4 hours per day). We recommend that children should be minimum 8 years old for the snowboard course and minimum 6 years old for cross country ski course.

On special request, it is possible even for younger children to attend a snowboarding course or cross-country skiing course.

What is the difference between the trial lesson and a normal course?
The difference is that the trial lesson price represents a concession if you are not sure if your child will stay in the course. The price of this trial lesson is removed at an extension of the normal course price.
Why cost the Bambini course in relation to the full-time course more?
We only have 6 children in the Bambini in groups! The use of the lifts (magic carpet) are free of charge for the Bambinis. Our Bambinis need a lift ticket (Mini Card) if the group goes to the lift.
Why you don't offer a half-day group course?
We used to offer half-day courses, but our experience was that the participants learn more with the full-day course. We got a strong demand for the full day courses!
Do you have Dutch and English-speaking instructors?
We have Dutch ski instructors and some Austrians who also speaks Dutch. Most of our ski instructors speak very good English. We cannot guarantee that you will be assigned to an instructor who speaks your language but let us know your preferences. We will try to accommodate your wishes.
Do I have to make advance reservations for group courses?
We recommend you to book the course or private lessons through our Online Shop! You avoid peak time queuing with the online booking!
Do I have to take classes consecutive days?
Classes should be taken consecutively, because your group will learn new things every day. Should you skip days you might have to change groups. Please consult with your ski instructor.
IIs it possible to take just on one-day the course?
We recommend at least three days. You also have the benefit of paying the difference if you wish to extend the course. The course program is developed for a week. We highly recommend that beginners take minimum 3-5 days skiing courses, afterwards you have some basic skills to bring you down the slopes safely .
Do you accept credit cards?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, EC-Karte and cash.
Do you also have a fee for cancelation?


  • 48 hours before accession: NOTHING
  • 24-48 hours before accession: 50 %
  • 24 hours and less before accession: 100%

We are pleased to help you if you still have any questions.


Have fun with our offer and see you soon at the Ski School Ramsau!
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