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Ski course groups videos

Which is your ski course group?

Groupe 1
 beginners from 6 years
Learning content: gliding + braking, plow brake + plow turning
Group 1
Slightly advanced
Groupe 2
Prerequisite: plow turns on an easy blue slope (Kalilift practice area)
Learning content: plow turns on blue slopes with different speeds and radius

Groupe 3
Prerequisite: plow turning on blue slopes with different speed and radius
Learning content: plow turning on slightly red slopes

Groupe 4
Prerequisite: plow turns on slightly red slopes
Content: plow steering with active heave to red slopes
Group 2
Group 3
Group 4
Slightly advanced
Group 5
Prerequisite: plow steering with active heave to red slopes
Learning content: first parallel turning (long radii) on red slopes

Group 6
Requirement: parallel turns (long radii) on red slopes
Learning content: parallel turning short radii on red slopes

Group 7
Requirement: parallel turning (long and short radii)
Learning content: parallel turning, first carving on an easy black slope, use of poles, technique program

Group 5
Group 6
Group 7
Group 8.9
Prerequisite: parallel turning with poles, carving on easy black slopes
Learning content: carving on steeper slopes and introduction to freeride, mogul slopes,...
Teens „no limits“
Group 10
Prerequisite: 13 years, playful mastery of black slopes
Learning content:
skiing in all types of terrain and snow, formation skiing, freestyle, off-piste, mogul slopes, race carving, giant slalom
Group 8,9 6 10
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