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Snowsport instructor education
Snowsport instructor education
Ski-, Snowboard- and Cross Country
The ski instructor has transformed into a snow sportsman with a varying field of activity and a professional training regulated by law.
The training to become a state qualified Austrian ski, snowboard or cross country ski instructor lasts approx. 4 years and is completed in courses parallel to working.
Become a instructor
Have fun to teach someone
Be a part of our team
The following test levels need to be completed successfully:
  • Anwärter
  • Children's instructor
  • State instructor
  • state qualified instructor


The majority of further training courses are offered to ski, snowboard and cross country ski instructors during weekly in-house training sessions and seminars.

The well-trained Austrian ski, snowboard and cross country ski instructors are welcome specialists and carers on the piste.

We are looking forward to meeting you!
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Professional Snowboard
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