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Snowboard Course
Snowboard Halfday course
Cool sport to get hooked on
Our Snowboard course is a half-Day course:
Sunday - Tuesday or Wednesday to Friday from 10.00 - 12.00 pm. Meeting point is at 9.45 am in our Kaliland/yellow area.

We recommend private lessons for those, as these are individually tailored to your skills.
In our practice area you can use a variety of lift aids. Everybody can try snowboarding totally undisturbed in our region. It won't take long before you will fall in love with this fascinating sport!

You can pick up useful tips and tricks in a great snowboarding week with our experts as a boarder with experience.  Check it out!
Learn with pleasure the technology
Learn the fascinating sport on a simple way
To a snowboard pro with cool tricks
Price and times
3 half days  € 240,- Book now
2 half days  € 194,- Book now
1 half day €   97,- Book now

Group size: minimum 4 participants
Minimum age: 8 years
Courseoffer just from:
24.12.23 bis 05.01.24
04.02.24 bis 23.02.24

Additional ...

  • ... next to the technique we will teach you Safety and the correct behaviour on the piste as well.
  • ... we use lots of different teaching aids like poles, rings, ropes, cones, stubbies during our lessons.
  • ... we have a varied programme: Fun-, Pro- & Freestyle Course.

Regardless beginner or more advanced -> we will adapt our training programme to the group and the learning progress will be a success. As a result, you will win more freedom on a snowboard.
Find your group
Snowboard Beginner & Intermediate Kaliland
(Yellow Area)
Jumps & Tricks
Turning your body a half or full turn 180°
Jumping over a bump or hump in the halfpipe Air
Air and turning body at the same time  Tweak
The back hand reaches towards the toe edge  Indy
The front hand reaches towards toe edge Mute
A type of handstand on the coping Handplant
Tricks made on the coping Liptricks
Side sliding with the snowboard on rails Slide
Touching the board during the air Grab
Somersault, front or backflip Flip, Loop
Practice creates masters
Boarder Club
Let's go with the snowboard fun
Our varied program
Fascinating sport
A great snowboard week is waiting for you
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