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Amazing landscapes and athletic challenges in Ramsau am Dachstein.
Ski Tours
Enjoy nature and a sporting challenge!
Backcountry skiing in unspoilt winter countryside is probably the most beautiful form of skiing with the breathtaking backdrop of the Dachstein range, away from noise and busy pistes. Whether you enjoy an ascent with skins on your skis or a exciting descent in powder or spring snow, it's a great experience.
Safety is one of the most important thing!
Your professionally trained ski guide will tell you lots of important rules for basic safety and technique tips. Amongst other things you will be taught how to use an avalanche transceiver in our Alpine Station.
Powder snow
amazing landscapes & athletic challenges
breathtaking backdrop of the Dachstein range
Price and times
1 Person  € 370,-
each further Person €   40,-
Duration beginner ski tour: ca. 3 hours

We have our Ski Touring Trial lesson for you as beginner too!
Meeting Point
5 Minutes before
Ski School Ramsau
1 Person  € 450,-
each further Person  €   40,-

A ski tour is a day tour (= ca. 4 hours). A ski tour is available after appointment every day. It depends on weather, avalanche and snow conditions!

Requirements: Safe driving on black slopes and off-piste, good physical condition for 4-5 hours skiing, enjoyment of outdoor exercise.
Avalanche transceiver, avalanche spade, avalanche probe, backcountry skiing equipment with good skins, sufficient clothing, Airbag rucksack with plenty to drink and snacks.
Ski Tours Program
Tour 2: Bachlalm - Sulzenhals - Filzmoos
Bachlalm - Sulzenhals
EASY: This tour is ideal for beginners as well as "bad weather tour".
Duration of the tour is approx. 4 hours.

We start at the car park of the Bachlalm. From here the tour leads over flat terrain to the Sulzenhals. The Sulzenhals is a ridge between Rötelstein and Torstein. Afte the gentle start, follows a short reasonably steep ascent to the peak of this tour. Here we find perfect terrain for learning and/or practising various techniques of backcountry skiing. After a short refreshment stop we carry on with a wonderful descent back to the starting point.
Tour 3: Neustattalm - Südwandhütte - Dachsteinruhe
Neustattalm - Südwandhütte - Dachsteinruhe
EASY: Ideal tour for backcountry beginner skiers and pleasure skiers.
Probably one of the most scenic tours in our region, right back the Dachstein south walls. It is a gentle tour lasting approx. 4 hours.

We start from the Neustattalm where we head at first past the alpine refuges along the flat towards the Südwandhütte. The ascent to the Südwandhütte leads oveR the Schönbühel which a height of approx. 400 m is noT a particular challenge. During a short stop at the mountain we enjoy the view in all directions. Afterwards there's a long descent over the Schönbühel and through the Lämmerwald down to the Bachlalm car park (Dachsteinruhe). From here we travel back to the Ski School Ramsau by bus or taxi.
Tour 4: Türlwandhütte - Edelgrießhöhe - Gruberscharte - Ramsau
Türlwandhütte - Edelgrießhöhe - Gruberscharte - Ramsau
MEDIUM: A wonderful full day tour for practiced backcountry skiers.
The tour starts from the Türlwandhütte through the Edelgriess to the Edelgriesshöhe. A longer ascent of approx. 800 m in height. Carry on through the Landfriedtal, then a short climb up to the Gruberscharte.

From here the tour leads with a long, partly steep descent back to Ramsau (Feisterer). We take a taxi back to the Ski School Ramsau.
Tour 5: Hunerkogel - Hoher Dachstein
Hunerkogel - Hoher Dachstein
HEAVY: The classic tour for ski mountaineers.
Using the Südwand cable car short ascent leads from the mountain station towards the Dachsteinwarte and up to the Randkluft, approx. 2.870m. Ski depot. According to snow conditions somewhat tricky traverse to the rock. Steel brackets for securing. In good conditions you can climb in the left channel, roughly in the fall line of the peak cross. Descent as ascent.

Your ski guide will inform you about current conditions as well as special safety equipment in the ski school office.
Tour 6: Hunerkogel - Steinerscharte - Windlegerscharte - Filzmoos
Hunerkogel - Steinerscharte - Windlegerscharte - Filzmoos
HEAVY: High alpine backcountry tour with long ascents and long descents.
Let's go from the top station to Hunerkogel Steinerscharte. The Steinerscharte is the Cross from the Hallstatt to the Gosauer Glacier. From here ascent to the Windlegerscharte (2.601 m). The Windlegerkar between the majestic Torstein and the Windlegerspitze offers steep pleasure slopes.

There are 3 possibilities where the corrie goes into the pine zone:
a) to the south down to the Bachlalm and Dachsteinruhe (provincial border)
b) to the right diagonally over to the Sulzenhals (1.821m) and from there over wide alpine slopes down to the  Hofalm (1.288 m) and to Filzmoos.
c) to the east through the "Tor" crossing to the Südwandhütte
and back to the valley station of the Dachstein cable car ("Dachstein Circle")
Excellent physical conditions for the long ascents as well as for the whole tour is required!
An experience beyond compare: The glacier crossing
Next to the Dachstein
Idyllic winter landscape
A dream of a deep snow descent
The proper handling of the avalanche victims search equipment (LVS)
Unlimited freedom
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