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Ski School Ramsau: Our Team
Now & Then
A journey on the sunny plateau Ramsau am Dachstein
Everything began in 1992/93: Markus Perner and Karli Tritscher founded the ski school Ramsau West. In those days we had a small office with 15m² and we employed ten ordinary ski instructors. The Kali Lift (formerly fuzzy lift) a 200m rope tow for beginners was constructed at the beginning.

At the same time we founded the Demo Team Ramsau. Over the years we won six times the Austrian champion, once European champion, even vice-champion and once we became world champion.
Demo 1994/95
Team 1994/95
Victory 1994/95
In 1994, the first conveyor belt (magic carpet) was purchased. Now there are three magic carpets, a carousel and of course the Kalilift in our Kaliland. The Kaliland became the largest winter playground in the region.
Team Winter 1992/93
2002/03 merged our ski school with the Langlaufschule of Albert Prugger and the cross-country courses moved in the cross-country stadium in Ramsau Ort. The Nordic Test Center was developed in collaboration with Albert Prugger and Sport Ski Willy.

In winter 2005/06 Markus and Karli decided to change the name of the ski school as well as the main colors. Ski School Ramsau West changed to "Ski School Ramsau" and the colors from orange-purple to red-black-white.

Another important step was the introduction of Christian Perner (Sonnhof) as shareholders in the year of 2008.

In summer 2009, a new office building was grown at Sport Ski Willy in Ramsau Schildlehen. The big step was dared to offer services in the summer season too: The Alpincenter Dachstein organize various activities and also through the existing providers in the region Schladming-Dachstein. We will help you to find the best activity for you and you can book the adventure on location. Just come in our office and we will help you with all information you need.

Team Winter 2022/23
Winter 2012/13: 25 permanent Snowsport teachers are active in the ski, snowboard and cross country ski school Ramsau. In holidays there are even up to 50. Our Team include Certified ski, cross country and snowboard teachers who strive for the welfare of our guests!

In summer 2015, the new Sport mile with our Nordic Center was established in the World Cup cross-country stadium in Ramsau Ort.

Our ski school is developing into a modern service company. The services will be expanded and further developed: The quality is always in foreground.

At this point the Ski School Ramsau would like to thank all of you who made this story successful. A big thank you to the families of the shareholders (Hochkönig, Haus am Bach, Sonnhof) who are always behind the project. A big thanks to Karl Engelhardt (Schweigerhof) and Willi Wieser sen. (Ski Willy). The construction of the ski school would have been impossible without their help. We would like to thank all partners, all landlords, all guests and all who have supported us in the last 20 years.


Markus, Karli, Christian & Your Ski school Ramsau

Fuzzy our Skischool mascot
Team Winter Season 1992/93
Building a Tunnel in earlier times
Ski course 1998/99
Then 1997/98
Team Ski and Snowboard school Ramsau West
Ski school Ramsau now
Ski school Directors Christian and Markus
A Team with heart
Skischule Ramsau heute
Skischule Ramsau heute
Skischule Ramsau heute
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