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Crack the Kali Code
Crack the Kali-Code
Children! Look!
Kali, the Ramsaurier has hidden a part of the secret Code on each piste in Kalis World.  In your ski school course we will find the treasure along the ski technique. We will find the letters and numerary of the Code, like Detectives!

We need to find minimum seven signs! We validate the appropriate icon on Kali's turntable.
If we have cracked the code of the week you will receive a great surprise gift for your solution additional you participate in a competition at the end of the winter season. You can win quite a lot!

The hub with the convenient neck strap and the Kali Adventure Map are available at our ski school office or ask your ski instructor.
Crack the Kali Code
The hub with the secret code
Kali accompanies us erverwhere
Looking for the top-secret code
Kali our Maskot
Mystery already solved??!!
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