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Kids Ski Opening Skiregion Ramsau
2nd Kids Ski Opening
Skischule Ramsau and Skiregion Ramsau am Dachstein
Our second Kids SKI OPENING take place on Saturday, 10.12. in our Kaliland and on Sunday, 11.12.2016 at Rittisberg.
We have a great program! Just come to our place and we will have lots of fun!
Kali Express - Kaliland
Kids with Kali the Ramsaurier
Rudolph the red nose reindeer
Saturday, 10.12.

Kids 2 - 9 Years

  • Kali Express Kaliland
  • Kali the Ramsaurier
  • Bambini Ski Course
  • Kali's Race track
  • Kinder Ski Test
  • Punch theater
  • Mountain Fay in our dwarf land
  • Face painting

Kids 9 - 15 Years

  • Ski cross Race at the Rittisberg 1.30 pm
  • Kids Ski-Test
  • DJ with Kids VIP tent, snow bar
  • Segway Parcours
  • Zipfelbob Races 4.00 pm
  • pulling the rope
  • grampus
  • Christmas Store
  • Education: Kids skiing instructor
Kids 2 - 9 Years
09:30 - 12:00 am

Kids 9 - 15 Years
1:00 - 5:00 pm
Meeting Point
Kalilift / Kaliland of the Ski School Ramsau
Bambini Ski Course
Face Painting
Kinder Ski Opening
Sunday, 11.12.
  • Rudolphs Gnome factory (stage show, photo shooting, Letter to the Christ child, Christmas-listening quiz, Face Painting, garnish some Lebkuchen ...)
  • Kids Ski Doos
  • Kali Express in our Kaliland
  • Kali our Maskot
  • Bambini Ski course
  • Kali Race track
  • Kids Ski Test
  • Punch show, Fee of the mountain in our dwarf land etc.
  • bouncy castle, huge slide ...
  • Education: Kids skiing instructor
Kids 2 - 15 Years
10:00 - 4:00 pm
Meeting Point
in our Kaliland at the Rittisberg
Gnome factory
Decorating the christmas ball
Ski rental
Our Kaliland
Taking a sleigh ride
Small Break
Great people with rudolph and kali
Antenne Party
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